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Accent Prime Face & Body Contouring and how effective is it?

February 16, 2018 by Harminder Bains0

Have you ever come across food fads, exercise regimes or Diet pills that claim you can shed lots of weight in a short space of time?

“Imagine if there was a machine that could magically get rid of fat, and tighten the skin – The Beauty Wardrobe can help you achieve results using Ultrasound & Radio Frequency. Accent Prime is the future”

Body contouring for the stomach using accent prime ultrasound and radio frequency

These pictures show body contouring using the best technology money can buy after one session!!!

Our machine

  • Accent Prime Output is 300Watts.
  • Frequency 40.68 MHz!

Nearest rival machine

  • All competition NEVER pass 100watt & their Frequency is maximum 1-10MHz!!!

Well what does this mean?

You can either freeze fat or heat fat up to cause a process called apoptosis. When this is done, your body starts to break fat down (like it would do if you exercised). It then releases this excess fat / toxins through your lymphatic system and you excrete it out.

Accent Prime uses Ultrasound to heat fat and helps it to break down fat cells which are dispersed through the lymphatic system.

Using Radio Frequency, we can smooth out Cellulite which targets the collagen production.

This means we can get rid of excess fat and tighten your skin, whilst having a knock on effect on skin texture and clarity of skin.

Not only can we treat body, we can treat face too!!

Have you not noticed how many girls now contour their face to have high cheek bones, more aesthetically pleasing shape to the face? All you need to do is type in face contouring on YouTube and you will find thousands upon thousands of videos demonstrating how to make your eyes to appear bigger.

Well now we can chisel your face without the need for surgery. You would need course of treatments but have a session done first, see what you make of it.

Imagine having a constant contoured face.

We can treat Thighs, Stomach, Flanks, Back Fat, Upper Arms, Face and Neck giving a contoured effect to the body.

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