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What is the difference between IPL Hair Removal & Laser Hair Removal? And what is SHR?

October 18, 2017 by thebeautywardrobe0

If I had a pound everytime someone asked me this, I would be a rich woman.

To understand this you have to go to the fundamental of each company.

Being in the industry and understanding what each laser company conducts business and how much money they invest in technology (or don’t), you get a really good idea on which is the next best technology.

There are a fair few good IPL systems out there in the market such as Pulsar;  which has attracted thousands of clients to The Beauty wardrobe Clinic giving countless years of client satisfaction! However, IPL/Laser does not work effectively for all clients.  An in-depth consultation with one of our highly trained staff member will indicate if you are likely to achieve results!!! if you’ve asked anyone who has had treatment done from us or enquire

Our Ethos: Reputation before £

Take that however you want to. I’ve had clients who we refused treatment to (because of the wrong hair type) and they’ve come back few years later and confessed they went somewhere else and had it done and not had the results they were looking for.

Anyway back to the point, which one is better, IPL, Laser or SHR?

I’m going to try and explain it in its simplest form.

The laser is attracted to Melanin. Melanin is in the hair, blood and on your skin. The more laser energy you can convey to the melanin in the hairs than anywhere else, the better the results. The darker skin tone you are, the lower the levels of energy you need, but you may need more sessions. Your hairs need to be in the Anagen stage of hair growth (this is the stage where the hairs are still attached to the blood capillary). Grey, Red & Blonde hairs don’t have enough melanin to treat.


Darker and thicker the hair against the lightness of the skin, the better the results. Let’s just say for argument’s sake, if the IPL head had 100% output, because of the spectrum of laser it uses, once the button is pressed to treat your unwanted hairs, the light disperses into the atmosphere and only 65% of the energy is transferred to the hairs. Hence it works better on thicker hairs (as it has more melanin) but doesn’t have enough energy to treat the finer hairs.


From 100% output, 95% of the energy will get transferred to the skin with the laser. It’s really effective method of permanent hair removal. It treats the thicker hairs as well of the finer hairs. But again the level of intensity depends on the darkness of the hairs to the lightness of your skin. However laser hurts. Skin barely tolerates the energy levels.


Stands for Super Hair Removal from Alma Soprano Lasers. Still a laser method of permanent hair removal but instead of shooting energy levels at 95%, it gradually heats up the epidermis to 45 – 50 degrees with a -3 degrees graphite tip and shoots 10 shots per second (which you cannot feel) and giving you better results than traditional laser treatment with little discomfort.


After years of research, we found this the best method of permanent hair removal and invested a lot to bring this machine to The Beauty Wardrobe. We do not take client satisfactory lightly.

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