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Do you have to shave your face when having Laser Hair Removal?

October 18, 2017 by thebeautywardrobe0

Modern day technologies mean, us women do not need to suffer from facial hair or any other unwanted hairs on our bodies. The new generation coming through do not know how lucky they are.

That aside, the only thing hindering any women to have laser hair removal, especially on their face, is the fact you have to shave in between your sessions.

WOAHHHHHHHH. Women who are reading this are picturing them and their partners waking up most mornings, rushing to the bathrooms to carry out the most gruelling task of the day, SHAVING!!!!

Although it’s considered normal for men to shave daily, it is far from normal for a woman to be using a razor to shave unwanted hairs as its not considered feminine at all!!


Laser light is attracted to melonin.

Laser energy travels down the hair shaft and destroys the blood supply.

This only happens in the anagen stage as the root of the hair is still attached to the blood supply.

If you pluck or wax in between sessions, you are causing the hairs not to be attached to the blood supply.

The best form of hair removal whilst having laser IS shaving as the hair is still attached at the root.

This applies to all body areas, however the cycle between the above picture is slower on the body and even slower on the legs.

Answer to the question: Shaving is ok. Not going to cause 5 o clock shadow. The best form of hair removal WHILST having laser treatment. Trust us, we’ve been doing it for 15 years!

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